Best SEO techniques for 2017

A Hot topic for any website owner is that of SEO which is all about the ability of a site to rank highly for particular search terms in search engine results. If you don’t rank well in search, you may well be limiting your traffic considerably. Many efforts are made therefore to improve sites traffic by improving search visibility. In the earlier period we tried many Off-page SEO techniques like link submission, article submission, citation submission, press release etc. But in the year 2014 lots of things have been changed.


Google has drastically changed its search algorithm based on the various version updates of its algorithms that are released periodically like Hummingbird, Panda, Penguin and EMD etc. So we need to keep updated with new SEO techniques. We are here with some new SEO techniques that can help you to boost your traffic and to get good ranking for your websites. Go through the techniques listed below and complete them, keeping in mind that your objective is to build an online presence so that search engine spiders will recommend you confidently.


  • Social Bookmarking

Let’s start first to find out what you mean by social bookmarking. In simple words suppose if we find something interesting on internet like website, picture or fact then we save its URL link in our computer for future use, but suppose if we want to share this link to our family and friends then instead of saving this link to our computer you can save it to the web. Now since your bookmarks are online, you can easily share them with your friends. In other words, a social bookmark contains a link to a web page that people want to share or remember.


  • PDF File Submissions

You can create a search engine optimized PDF file for your business website and submit it to PDF submission websites to get better traffic for your website. Search engine give same importance to PDF files as it gives to html files. Getting a backlink here will get your keywords optimized and bring more traffic. PDF file submission sites such as slideshare, issuu, yudu etc. are frequently updated and hence search engines crawls these sites more often.


  • Infographic

There is a “three second rule” the techies talk about according to this rule, a regular user of the internet just take three seconds to decide whether to stay on the page or move on. So our information should be so clear and visual so that a user doesn’t take more than 3 seconds to understand the information. So Infographic is a new SEO technique that is a visual representation of information.



RSS, also commonly known as Really Simple Syndication, is a feed format used to publish frequently updated content from sources such as blog entries, news headlines, and other standardized formats. An RSS feed is important for your site because you can allow your readers to subscribe to your content. In turn, they can share these feeds on social networks. The sharing process continues and your site can get more exposure.